Refugee rights: Four-month occupation in Berlin

Refugee rights protest in BerlinBERLIN -- Ahmed, one of many Sudanese refugees awaiting legal status in Berlin, sits by a coal fire in a makeshift tent insulated with heavy wool blankets. He is a part of Germany’s nationwide movement that saw hundreds of refugees last fall break the Residenzphflicht – a law barring those without legal residence from moving freely across German states – by marching nearly 400 miles from Würzburg, in northern Bavaria, to Berlin.

On October 6, the refugees set up a protest camp at Oranienplatz in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, and they have been occupying ever since. Around 10 large marquee tents and a scattering of smaller ones comprise the grounds. Facing the busy intersection is an information hut where volunteers greet passerby and hand out leaflets.

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