aboutus-website Dear editors, news directors,

Do you need a story, photo or video from Morocco? Kazakhstan? Sierra Leone? We can help. With journalists around the world, editors can assign the coverage they need. Alternatively, ask us for pitches, if you want a story on a confilct or an eleciton or anything else.

ARA's reporters are professionals, most with a lot of experience in journalism and in their respective countries. We vet our people because they reflect all of us – as result, you get solid reporters who can tell a story, carefully verify their reporting and write cleanly and elegantly. Also, ARA can work easily on cross-border stories because we are a team that spans borders, and we work closely together.

Rates: We work within news outlets' set rates.

Deadlines: These are negotiated during the assigning process.

Quality: We are careful about whom we choose to let into the network.

Paperwork: We fill out the freelance agreements and tax forms once, and it takes care of it for all ARA journalists.

Location: We have reporters in dozens of countries. If we don't, feel free to ask and we'll look via our networks.

Getting started: Write to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +1240-454-5390 or +491728122363 (WhatsApp) 

The ARA team
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